Best Probiotics For Weight Loss

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Best Probiotics For Digestion

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Probiotic America is a supplement company that specialize in probiotics, aka living bacteria, said to help everything from bowel problems to weight loss. Their probiotics are third party tested to have at least 30 Billion CFUs in every capsule and are shipped direct to the consumer fresh so their cultures are still active.

An ever increasing growing provider of high quality probiotics, with a reputation to match.

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In simple terms, your digestive system contains an enormous amount of different types of bacteria. Some of these bacteria are good and some are bad. So it is only fair to assume that giving the good bacteria a boost can only do you good.

So, What are Probiotic Supplements?

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health, especially your gut. Normally, we think of bacteria as something that causes diseases. However, your body is full of bacteria that is both good and bad. Probiotics are often called “good” or “helpful” bacteria because they help keep your gut healthy.

Probiotics are naturally found in your body. You can also find them in some foods and supplements.

Can Probiotics Help You To Lose Weight?

In one particular study run by Nestle a group of women took a daily supplement of a probiotic type called Lactobacillus rhamnosus. The study was conducted over 12 weeks, during which time the women lost weight and were able to keep it off. Not only did the women lose weight, but they continued to lose weight for another 12 weeks. Unfortunately, men did not have the same benefits.

In another study which used a different probiotic the men fared just as well as the women. In this study, the supplement was fermented milk that contained Lactobacillus gasseri. After 12 weeks both men and women who took the supplement experienced a significant lowering effect on belly fat.

I’m sure we would all like to get rid of belly fat but more importantly, the main benefit in losing fat around your waist is the effect it has on your health. Excess belly fat seriously increases your risk of cancer. Additionally studies have shown that your ‘love handles’ also increase your risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and other serious health problems.

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How do I Chose The Best Probiotic?

When you are shopping for a probiotic supplement, be sure to use a high quality, high potency supplement that contains different live strains of ‘colony forming units’ (CFU). We are talking about billions. In addition to the two strains mentioned above, you may also want to look for Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum.

Steps to follow for optimum weight loss

Probiotics work best when taken as part of a calorie controlled diet.

  • Optimum Probiotic Weight LossTake a good probiotic, with food. Look for pharmaceutical grade probiotics that have at least seven strains and at least 5 billion active cells.
  • Eat fermented foods. They’re high in probiotics and they’re delicious. Take a look at Probiotics in Food.
  • Avoid things that will imbalance your gut. These include antibiotics, chlorinated water, antibacterial soap, agricultural chemicals, pollution. While you are trying to balance your gut, take a break from eating out at restaurants as they can have higher-than-normal bacteria in their food.
  • Make some diet changes.
    • Fiber is good for clearing out bad bacteria.
    • Take three meals a day with nothing in between. This gives your small intestine’s cleaning function time to take place
    • Eliminate sugars and any forms and artificial sweeteners.
    • Foods like milk, soy, legumes and lentils should be eliminated. They tend to leave behind residue in the small intestine that’s hard to move out.
    • Limit wheat due to its potential thyroid-interrupting properties.
    • Don’t forget lots of water: half your body weight in ounces.


Spring Water for ProbioticsWhen taking supplement capsules always use spring water or filtered water and never with normal tap water. Most tap water has chlorine added in order to kill bacteria. This in definitely not what we want to happen to the friendly bacteria in our probiotic.